Meet JetLag Warriors: Nicole and Jonathan

“…if things aren’t working out the way you planned, don’t sweat it. You’re on vacation! Just roll with it and you’re going to have fun anyway.” Tell us about yourself First off, thank you JetLag Warriors for featuring us! We’re … Continue reading “Meet JetLag Warriors: Nicole and Jonathan”

Meet JetLag Warriors: Mary and Ivan

“You will meet the very best and the very worst kind of people. Both will build your character, but remember the good ones, they will restore your faith in humanity.” Tell us about yourself We are the Forgetful Flyers, a … Continue reading “Meet JetLag Warriors: Mary and Ivan”

Meet JetLag Warrior: Steve Yalowitz

“…in Thailand, I stayed with a young guy who built his own hut on a rubber and palm tree plantation. It’s fun to act like a tourist for a bit, but I thoroughly enjoy escaping the tourist traps and living … Continue reading “Meet JetLag Warrior: Steve Yalowitz”

Meet JetLag Warriors: Emily and Kurt

“We have received quite a bit of skepticism from people about our lifestyle. We both used to have well paying jobs and a secure life. We have discovered that experiences are worth far more than matching bedroom furniture, and a … Continue reading “Meet JetLag Warriors: Emily and Kurt”

Meet JetLag Warrior: Jimmy Mrsa

“I had no choice but to do the rest of the trip solo. I had to step out of my shell, meet new people, see new surroundings, and make conversations with strangers…from that point on, I embraced every interaction I … Continue reading “Meet JetLag Warrior: Jimmy Mrsa”


“We met so many amazing local people who opened their homes for us and made us feel welcome.” Tell us about yourself We are Laura and Joachim, a couple from Belgium. We have been travelling Australia together for the past … Continue reading “MEET JETLAG WARRIORS: LAURA AND JOACHIM”


“For me, travelling means to explore the Earth, what it has to offer, and how I can give back and take care of it.” Tell us about yourself I’m a 24-year-old from the beautiful Quebec City (the French part of … Continue reading “MEET JETLAG WARRIOR: Jessica Dorval”

Meet JetLag Warriors: Rachel and Ryan

“We both have two very different types of styles when it comes to travel. As we travelled more and more together we really learned how to compromise with one another. We developed a deep understanding of each other’s likes and … Continue reading “Meet JetLag Warriors: Rachel and Ryan”