The Ultimate Adventure in Bali: Nusa Penida

WE LOVE NUSA PENIDA!!! We spent 2 days in the world’s most beautiful island surrounded by gorgeous hills and crystal blue water. This heaven on earth will leave you mesmerized.

Not many people know this, but I was born in Indonesia, and grew up there until I was 12 years old.  I have gone back to visit a few times, and even worked for a year back in 2008 as a designer for a well known clothing brand in Indonesia.  In 2011, my father went back to live in Indonesia. So this year, I figured it was time for me to visit my dad, and explore my home country alongside my partner, Steve.

My dad lives in Jakarta. Jakarta is a metropolitan city with basically the worst traffic in the world! Nothing much to see unless you love big luxurious malls.  So aside from visiting Jakarta, we wanted to explore more of what Indonesia has to offer. I was contemplating between visiting Bali or Raja Ampat.  If you Google Raja Ampat, the view will make you want to book a ticket right away! But because Raja Ampat is located in the western part of Indonesia, this place is more difficult to reach and flights and accommodation are more expensive.  So we opt for Bali, with a visit to Nusa Penida.  I have never heard of Nusa Penida until pictures of this place starts to pop on my Instagram feed.  This island in the south eastern coast of Bali’s mainland is still untouched and unknown to tourist.  Although it definitely is starting to become more popular.

We took a 30 minutes speedboat ride from Sanur in mainland Bali, We booked the speedboat from  The trip cost Rp.450,000 per person for a return ride. Once we arrived, we rented a scooter for Rp. 75,000/ day. Here is a breakdown of places we visited, accommodation, and restaurant.

So much fun exploring this island with a scooter!

We chose this place because it was close to the pier, and we like the traditional bungalow style. The price was also really good. Our room has AC, and was very clean. They also have two residence cats, and we love them!

Our cute bungalow.

Other than traditional warung (local small restaurant), Nusa Penida doesn’t offer many selection for tourist to eat and drinks. The island’s best is called Penida Colada. Only a 2 minutes scooter ride from our hotel (another reason why we chose to stay in Full Moon Bungalows), this place is perfect for unwinding after a full day of adventure. Its beach front location is also the perfect place to start your day with the best smoothie bowl ever!

Enjoying the best breakfast ever!

We explored the Southern part of Nusa Penida on our first day, and the western part on the second day.

We only had a small backpack each with 2 pieces of clothing in our bag. We left our big backpack back in Kuta. We didn’t have a map/GPS or even a mobile service. So we were left with no choice but to ask locals for directions. Luckily, they were all so nice and happy to help! Honestly, who needs a map! LOL


We arrived in Nusa Penida around 12pm.  After checking-in to our hotel, and had lunch at Penida Colada, we were ready to explore! Our first stop was Tembeling beach. We took the scooter down, and the road wasn`t the best. It was very bumpy, and we had to go through a narrow downhill at one point.  So we decided to leave our scooter behind, and explored by feet. The way to the beach passes through a forest, and a temple.  We kept going down until we see a sight of blue.  Yay! We found the beach! We have never seen a beach so rugged and rough. It looks so untouched, and that what makes it so beautiful. They had a natural pool across from the beach, and another beach on the other side of a cave. Steve loved playing around and climbed all the rocks. The best part was that there were nobody else except us and one other couple! Love having the beach to ourselves!

Beautiful Tembeling beach
Soaking in the natural pool across the beach.


We actually meant to go to Guyangan waterfall from Tembeling beach. But we got lost, and ended up on this cliff with a spectacular view! Again, we were the only one there. We explored the wide open field, run around, took some photos. Later we found out that this place is called Banah Cliff.

Spectacular view from Banah Cliff.


The next day, after breakfast at our favorite place (Penida Colada), we rented some snorkeling masks, and took our scooter to Crystal Bay. The beach didn’t look that great until we got into the water. The underwater life is amazing! Beautiful corals and colorful fishes makes this place a far upgrade from our snorkeling experience in Maya Bay, Thailand. One tip though, if you don’t have a snorkeling fin, wear a pair of water shoes! The water is a bit rough to swim in, and the corals are sharp! Both Steve and I cut our foot while swimming.

It was a cloudy day but we it didn’t stop us from enjoying the water!
Had so much fun snorkeling! Watch our video below to see more of underwater shots.

We went around the island, and saw a sign with a direction to Derek Hill.  We didn’t originally plan to go but since Steve has a buddy named Derek, we decided to follow the sign. So glad we ended up going because the view is insanely beautiful! There are trees you can climb, and take some cool photos, and a tree house where Steve and I took a quick nap.  Saren Cliff is just on the other side of Derek Hill. It offers similar view to Derek Hill with more hills. Again, we were completely alone and loving it!

What’s with my face!??
Derek Hill


Beautiful Saren Cliff

After we were satisfied by the view in Saren Cliff, we head to one of the most Instagram famous place in Nusa Penida: Kelingking secret point. Kelingking means pinky finger. And if you look closely, the shape of the hill looks like a pinky finger! Some also said it looks like a t-REX.  Because this is one of the more popular spot, we were not alone this time.  There is a trail where you can go down to the beach. Beware because going down is not easy.  It is very steep, and challenging! At the time we visited, there were no railings to protect us should we fall from the cliff! But they have put it up now.  I was practically on my butt trying to go down. We came with flip flops, but we decided to go barefoot….what a stupid idea! The ground was so rocky, it hurts! Steve chose to go straight across to the other side of the hill! This path was even more dangerous than going down to the beach. I waited for him. I couldn’t move. I was terrified. I even stopped breathing at one point because I was panicking. Steve took a quick video (see our video below), and then he went back to me. The video turned out to be so cool! The view from up the hill was gorgeous! You can see the two beaches on the opposite ends with different shades of blue.  If you are lucky, you can spot a group of manta rays swimming around.

Anyone else a thrill seeker out there? Steve is definitely one! This crazy guy crossed the death defying path to the other side of the hill!
The view from up top. Look at that beach!

These two spots are only a 5 minutes walk from each other. These spots are also popular in Nusa Penida. So you won’t find yourself alone here. Getting here wasn’t easy as the road leading here is rocky- definitely broken. From the parking area, we found Broken beach first. There is a unique shape hole surrounding the beach. You can actually walk across the circle and back. Not far from broken beach, we found Angel’s Billabong. This place consist of a green/blue natural infinity pool.  It looks bigger than the picture below. And it could be dangerous- especially during high tides.  So be careful if you decide to swim! Make sure to go during low tide,  or you may get swiped away.  

Broken Beach, Nusa Penida
Angel’s Billabong, Nusa Penida.

Watch our adventure! ↓↓↓

Our photos and videos are taken with a GoPro Hero 4 Silver

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